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  • Oct 15 - NCAA/PAVO Exam deadline - 11pm CST

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  • May 4 - PAVO dues registration starts - Fees: $135-Standards & $35-Associates + any local fees (Annually)

  • July 1 - PAVO dues late fee starts - $45 (Annually)

  • July 1 - NCAA/PAVO clinic registration starts - $25 + local fees (Annually)

  • September 15 - List of current-year certified line judges sent to NCAA National Coordinator (Annually)


Welcome to PAVO

NCAA Registration - 2015 

Registration and dues payment for 2015 are now available!  NCAA Registration is a separate (but related) process from paying PAVO dues.  However, NCAA registration (a $150 value) is included as a PAVO member benefit at no extra cost.  Please review this information carefully, and in addition here are a few reminders:

  1. NCAA registration is not just for those who would like to be considered for Division I, II or III postseason assignments.  The Volleyball Central Hub will help prepare and train ALL officials throughout the fall season.  Registration will give you access to the Rules Interpretation newsletters, video interpretations, and weekly quizzes that are pertinent to the current season.  Most assignors and coordinators will expect you to have access to this information as the site is developed.
  2. Officials who are members of PAVO must still register on the NCAA site.  Although the NCAA registration fee is included in your PAVO dues, dues-payment and NCAA registration are two separate online steps. 
  3. If an official is not a member of PAVO, the cost is $150 paid to the NCAA.
  4. Officials who wish to be considered for the Division I, II, or III postseason nomination process MUST do these things:
    • Register with NCAA's Central Hub by September 15; and
    • Attend an NCAA/PAVO clinic; and
    • Pass either Form A or Form B of the NCAA/PAVO exam with a score of at least 90% within the allotted 90 minutes by September 1.
  5. For technical support on the NCAA Central Hub, please call 801/576-9436 or email support@arbitersports.com.

NAIA Registration - 2015

The NAIA is now requiring registration for their Central Hub for referees who work an NAIA schedule.  The cost of this registration is not included in your PAVO dues.  Click here to go to the NAIA Central Hub, where you can register and pay the appropriate fee.  PAVO members can register for a discounted fee.  If you have questions about NAIA registration, contact your NAIA assignor, or Bob Lade in the NAIA office (blade@naia.org).  

NCAA/PAVO Referee Examinations - 2015

Once again, the NCAA/PAVO examinations will be offered in formats tailored to certification levels.  For complete information, navigate to the Examination Information page under the Current Season tab.  The examinations will be available beginning July 2015.

NCAA/USAV/NFHS Rules Comparisons - 2015 

The 2015 Rule Comparisons are on the "Current Season" page. Click here for the Current Season link.

Computerized Scoring:  Training Information

The NCAA rules committee has determined that the current rules do not prevent the use of a computerized scorer process.  However, any computerized scoring application that is used must cover all aspects of a written scorer and/or libero tracking sheet.  It is recommended that scorers receive sufficient training before using a computerized system, and that the computerized scoring first be used as a parallel system to the written scoresheet until a sufficient level of competence is achieved. Any scorer using a computerized system must be trained both in keeping score and in use of the computerized software.  It is also vital that the computer-scorer have a "spotter" to verbally relay the game events that the scorer must record electronically.  It simply cannot be done alone.  

There are two vendors that PAVO is aware of: 

  • Data Project has developed a computerized scoring product called E-Scoresheet.  The training PowerPoint that Data Project has developed is available by clicking here
  • VolleyWrite has also developed a computerized scoring process, and more information on obtaining and learning their product is available by clicking here.

Both products are designed to record all scoring events and libero events, allowing one computer-scorer to manage both functions.  Again, it is vital that a "spotter" also be available to assist the computer-scorer. 

Go to PAVO RefSchool!

PAVO offers the RefSchool program to help you prepare for the women's collegiate season and have your rules knowledge maxxed out in time for the certification exam. 

PAVO RefSchool is a tremendously effective tool that will increase your knowledge of officiating and improve your score on the PAVO annual examination.  The testimony of the 600+ members who chose RefSchool last year are proof!  The 2015 NCAA rule clarifications and points of emphasis will be part of the curriculum once the examinations are posted.  And, every question from the 2015 PAVO/NCAA Form A and Form B examinations will be included in the question bank in RefSchool at that time. 

When you subscribe to PAVO RefSchool, you can select brief study quizzes that cover specific NCAA rules, or elect to take complete 25- or 50-question practice examinations.  You'll receive immediate feedback on your answers, as well as rule references so you can check on the correct ruling.   

This effective new training tool is available to PAVO members for a subscription fee of only $10.  Non-members can participate for only $15.  A subscription purchased now allows you access until April 1, 2016!   

Scorer Forms 2015

The most recent forms can be downloaded using the links below. 

2012-15 Libero Tracking Sheet

2012-15 Volleyball Scoresheet-Deciding

2012-15 Volleyball Scoresheet-Non Deciding

2012-15 Volleyball Lineup Sheet

Line Judge and Scorer Training Materials 2015 

The 2015 PAVO Line Judge Training Manual/Exam and the 2015 PAVO Scorer Training Manual/Exam will be coming soon!  The PAVO Line Judge Training Video will be new for 2015, and plans are to have the video available by early April, 2015.  The 2014 Scorer Training Video is still the most current.  All of these training materials are (or will be) available for purchase soon - just go to the PAVO E-Store tab above.  The Line Judge Training Manual/Exam and Scorer Training Manual/Exam are included with each video that is ordered.  Both videos and manuals are also available online at no charge to PAVO members who are "approved clinicians" (typically, PAVO State- or National-certified referees and National-certified Line Judges) on the "Officials Training" page.  Using these free materials, approved clinicians can give clinics to local groups at little charge. 

Use the links below to learn more about how to use these tools to obtain or renew line judge certification or scorer certification.

Scorer certification |Line Judge certification

Searchable Online Casebook

PAVO has developed a searchable online casebook with all NCAA rule interpretations since the 2002 season. At the moment, the casebook is in the process of being updated. The casebook and search functions are fully functional but the graphics and formatting are not completely developed. You are invited to use the online casebook and send any comments to the PAVO office. 

Fundamental Scorer Training 2015  

PAVO offers a free PowerPoint presentation that provides basic instruction on completing an NAA scoresheet and libero tracking sheet.  Schools, conferences scorers and local PAVO boards who provide basic training should utilize this new tool. Contact Miki @ pavo@pavo.org 

NOTE: Reviewing this power point presentation does NOT fulfill the certification requirement of attending a scorekeeper's clinic, but is intended for fundamental instruction only. More information is on the Current Season page.

PAVO Line Judge Certification

More information is on the Line Judge Certification page.

PAVO Scorer Certification

More information is on the Scorer Certification page.

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